ATI 2007 or ATI 1807

I am contemplating on one of the above. I have a small listening HT room
10ft x 10ft and I am presently using a Yamaha AVR RXA-3010 in a 9.2 set up.
I am planning to hold on to the Yamaha for now and use it as a pre-amp and buy a ATI 1807 or a 2007 for better dynamics and so on..
It their a huge improvement in sound quality with the ATI 2007 to justify the extra cost over the 1807?
I would be most grateful for any advice please.
It depends on the efficiency of your speakers and how hard they are to drive. If your speakers are fairly easy to drive, especially in that small of a room, the 1807 will be just fine. However, if I may say so, the size of your room seems small for a full 9.2 set-up. Additionally, you will have acoustical issues having basically a square room.
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I do not remember all the details, but at least the 3007 requires a 20 amp circuit. If I remember correctly the 2007 comes with a 20 amp plug, although I think it does not require a 20 amp circuit like the 3007. Just something to think about.

I run a 2006 with an old Yamaha receiver and am very pleased with it. However, I do have a separate amp for my mains, which are part of a 2 channel hybrid system. The ATI replaced a B&K 200.7 and I find the ATI a much smoother sound.
Hi Jd,
Thank you for your reply. My room really is 22ft long and 10ft wide. I just use the lower half of the room, so I thought it easier to simply things by saying the room is 10 x 10. Honestly, I am getting a good sound with my present set up, but you know how it is with us guys...always looking to improve and make better, hence my reason for adding on an ATI. Reading on the other forums, It seems the ATI with give me much improved dynamics and so on..
In reply to Bob, I am pretty much convinced that a single ended connection with a good quality cable is as good as any balanced cable on a SHORT run, which is what I have, but I know what you mean, future-proofing etc.
How does an ATI sound?
Would one describe it as bright or warm?
My speakers are easy to drive. I am presently using Monitor Audio GX200'S and GXC350 for centre.
Thank you for all you most helpful far. Please keep them coming..
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Thanks Bob.
Can anybody confirm please?
Is the only difference between the ATI 2007 & 1807, Twenty watts of extra horsepower and balanced connections?
Many thanks,
The 2007 is fully balanced from input to output.The 1807 is not. The circuitry is fully balanced, not just the inputs. That cuts down on noise with the unit itself. So, the difference is more than just balanced connections. That said, I have never compared the 2007 to the 1807, but I am happy with my 1807.

I agree with Bob on the general characteristics of the sound, at least for the 1807.
Thank you Dtc for your response.
As I am off today, Monday- I called Jeff in ATI Sales. Yes, he confirmed that, yes Dtc that you are correct indeed. He said the amplifier is fully balanced, not just the balanced connections and that all of this contributes to less noise and the longevity of the amplifier. He said a little bit more...all good it seems. Some of it just flew over my head, as it was technical stuff I did not fully understand, but it sounded marvellous!
Finally, he did say- "but I cannot guarantee that you can hear all of these differences"
Looks like I will opt a 1807, but it is a tough decision. I always lie to buy the best..
Anybody out there with a 2007?
Thank you all who contributed to my question.
Greetings from Ireland. Morgan.
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Ok all, thank you for all the advice. I have now purchased the ATI 2007. I am thrilled with it, but really only since I ditched the Yamaha RX-A3010 as a pre-amp and substituted it for the new Yamaha CX-A5000. What a pairing!. I can hear every nuance, such doors closing, sounds in the back-round I did not take notice of before and so on.
The Yamaha CX-A5000 is a huge leap up from the RX-A3010. There are several rave reviews for the 3010 and it is a good receiver, but the CX-A5000 IMHO is streets ahead and everything all the current reviews are saying- great value for $ and probably under priced. Paired with the ATI 2007...
Audio nirvana at last!
Congratulations! I really think ATI should be better known. Excellent amps. Also heard good things about the Yamaha. Enjoy :)