ATI 1505 or Emotiva 5 channel

I'm a newbie to amps, ive always used receivers but im ready to go to an amplifier. I am running a monitor audio setup, my mains are silver 6's. These 2 amps seem to be in my price range. I listen to music as much as i use it for home theater. Right now i have a denon 2808, so either will be a huge upgrade but i just want to know what each brings me to the table.

ATI makes a lot of amps for a lot of other brnad names.

They're an on shore left coast product. Good support. Good warranty. Sell well here preowned. Very good build from what i've seen and heard from othere's here. Been around for a long time too with a good rep.

I'm not sure how much of those comments can be aplied to Emotiva. Call Emotiva maybe and find out for yourself... BTW call ATI too.

Good luck.