ATI 1505 Multichannel or Adcom GFA 7700

Hey I am starting to move into tha multichannel amp upgrade and wanting to buy a good used amp. Can anyone please tell me what they think would be a better M/C amp they are listed for about the same price. ATI 1505 150 watt 5 channel or Adcom GFA 7700. Thanks, Brad.
If you can afford it, Butler Audio TDB-5150 is about the nicest, sweetest-sounding multi-channel amp on the market. Used one here on Audiogon for $1900...

I've run the ati for about 12 years or so and just upgraded my pre from sherwood newcasle 9080 to marantz 8004. Never felt urge to change power amps. I run Mac mc352 and 2 cary v12r's for 2 channel, so i've got stuff to compare to, and it sounds very good I believe.
Hey thanks for the info guys. This place is the best for finding, selling and talking to knowledeable people. I was talking to the guy with the Adcom (which is nice) he said his speakers run at 4-6 Ohms and works great. Mine are 8 Ohms. I know wattage and power is not the same with all amps even though they claim certain specs. If I cpold afford it I was looking at the Outlaw 7500 balanced 5 channel 200 watt p/c $ 1599. Or the 7700 balanced 7 channel for $2149. I think I will do like Russel and later get a 2 channel for my front RBH towers. I just hope the ATI 1505 will push my Paradigm monitor 60's surrounds, I'm pretty sure it will. I just want to make they best educated decision and I appreciate all of your replies, Thanks, Nrad.
I have ATI2505 with Paradigm Studio 40v.2 and they sound great. I have this two when they were first released around 2000 and still have them. Got the itch to go tubes and getting a ST-120 with KT-120 from Bob Latino to try with the Paradigm. My 2505 will drive almost anything, when i was auditioning them it was running then top of the line Paradigm Studio 100 and a Reference model i dont remember. Anyway the sound was great, very neutral. Before i compared them to some Quicksilver tube amp the dealer had and the ATI stood well, not as musical but like 80% there. Back then i was younger and movies with big explosions got the most of me. I say if you like movies and music equal then the ATI might suite you good. But if you prefer music more, Parasound is a good choice along with a good condition Proceed multiamp.