athem p2 used or anthem a2 new

has anybody heard both of them? is the p2 worthtwice as much?i can get them for around $2000-2300..i have magepan 3.6 speakers..thanx for your input
I chose the A5 over the P5 because the system was only at the time for a home theater. The A5 is a great value for home theater. I since hybridized the home theater so that I can also use it as a complete two-channel system. Although the A5 acquits itself admirably for two-channel, I now wish I had gone with the P5. The sonic differences between the A and P series are much more evident when listening to music compared to watching movies. As for whether or not a P2 is worth twice the cost of an A2, that is something only the buyer can decide!
I owned the A5 and I have listened extensively to the P5. Both are excellent multichannel amps, and sound similar. The difference mostly comes down to power. Whether you need the extra power depends upon the size of your room, the sensitivity of your speakers, and the volume at which you tend to listen.

I recommend you use a required power calculator to determine how much power you need.