ATC50 -- moving : Do you have your foam inserts?

I'm moving, and lost the foam inserts for my ATC 50ASL's ...

I still have the boxes, but these speakers are HEAVY!  I don't trust just using bubble wrap. and i *really* don't think it's a good idea to let moving dudes just lug them around in a truck without good protection.

Does anyone on this list have the foam inserts taking up space in their garage or something? I'll be happy to drive to pick them up, or pay for shipping, etc...  I'm located in NYC, but happy to travel to make this happen
Thanks ... That is the same address as Transaudio Group ... I spoke to Brad there (the Professional division of their importing)  . . and they quoted me over $1000

Said it ships freight,  so it costs the same to ship empty boxes as the full 300lbs of speakers . . .  Doesn't make sense to me,  but that was the quote I was given.
$1000 for foam inserts?  I don't think I said that. Thats the number to ship a pair of 50s in their cartons or a pair of empty cartons with packaging inside from Vegas to a place like New York.  Its not even enough to cover the cost of getting a pair of empty boxes and foam inserts from the UK.      
The challenge is the foam is as big as the speakers (covers the front and back) and because of "dimensional weight" charges by UPS and/or FEDx they charge the same amount for a 50 box with a speaker in it vs no speaker in it.  Seems crazy but that's how they do it.  [Its really charging you for how much space it takes up in the belly of a plane.] 

50 cartons cannot go small package, too large.  This small package shipping from both UPS and FEDX is the shipping we all know with the trucks that stop at your house or a business.  Something as large a pair of 50 cartons have to ship on a pallet and delivered via freight truck.  The problem with your situation is you needed foam which take up almost the same space as an entire 50.  So it would indeed be the same to ship empty boxes for 50s as shipping real 50s.   

Another alternative I think we talked about was a shipping your 50s back to back on a pallet with a bunch of moving blankets around them.  Then shrink wrap the moving blankets on the speakers so they wont come undone.  This would work and enable you to ship them just about anywhere successfully.

Another option we didnt talk about was have them crated by a real crater, usually these are located near airports.  This is how ATC ships me 100s and 150s and many other models.   Crating might cost only $250@ if you can find the right company.

These two suggestions are good ones with some caveats. Styro can crack if you put something heavy on it, like a 50 put on its corner. Shipped on a pallet, it could work. Styro also creates dust as its rubbed in transit and that dust covers everything. Styro dust sticks to the sticky surface of the mid driver and we’ve seen many many speakers come in ruined visually by styro foam used by some packing company. So wrapping the entire speaker in some kind of wrap or giant plastic bag to prevent that dust is a good idea. The cardboard edges are also something we and ATC uses when banding boxes to a pallet so they stay on during shipping. But putting them direct on a

I absolutely would not ship something that weighs over 50 lbs in non factory or make shift packaging. I cannot tell you how many broken ATC’s I see sent to us by Box Bros or UPS local ship it centers improperly packed. Plus broken cabinets are VERY expensive to replace.


loji OP
ATC50 -- moving : Do you have your foam inserts?

Bubble wrap the **** out of them with the unpoppable bubble warp then singularly box them.

Cheers George