ATC Speaker Upgrades - Amp & Gloss Black Finish

For a long time I have been contemplating buying a used pair of ATC 100/150 speakers. I have two questions about upgrades:

1. Who has purchased a passive pair of ATC 100/150 and upgraded them to the active version (using the ATC amplifier module(s)? Is this easy to do and what is the approximate cost?

2. Has anyone had experience converting an ordinary wood veneer speaker finish to piano gloss back? If you have, how was it done (Auto body shop?) and what were the results like?
Why go to all that trouble - there is a set of 150 available in Atlanta Craigslist

/disclaimer - I don't know this person and you had better double check that this is not a scam.

To be honest big ATC's will never win a fashion show no matter what the exotic veneer but then they aren't intended to look good.
Agree with Shadorne. You may wish to look at the pro line ATC 16s and 40s. I own 150s in a pro studio environment and they are "overkill" for most consumers.