atc speaker/dk design amp

I have never bought a stereo before, and this is a lot of money. Would an atc scm100 speaker and a dk mkII amp be a good combo for a beginner? I would like it if this is a setup that I don't have to mess with too much, as this is a lot of money for me. I was going to purchase a pair of von schweikert vr4jrs and the seller talked me out of buying them and recomended the atc's. I have finally found a pair I can afford, now I have to amp them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as my last thread got great responses. Thank you in advance.
Here's some advice, take it for what you paid for it.

Always look at resale going in to a deal.

Von Schweikert= well-known, easy to sell

ATC= not so well known, harder to sell

dk MKII= new vendor, lots of differing opinion, questionable resale.

Don't rush a purchase. Think out what you want to do.


Paul :-)
Paul gives good advice. Stick with your Von Schweikert plan, and buy a used DK, but be sure to check the prices. Used Mk II Reference amps are selling for $1700 now, and they're sure to drop in price once the new Mk III Reference and Signature amps are more widely available.
I totally disagree. ATC are some of the world'savery best dynamic speakers. No gimmick, solid engineering and great sound.They are highly respected by the many major studios that use them.They are well known to many people. Buy them, and the best, most powerful solid state amp you can afford. you can always upgrade the amp later.
Good sound advice Paul,as usual.Heard good things about the ATC speakers.But if for some reason Matthew doesnt dig their sound they are far harder to move than the VS speakers.Just look at the speakers here.Its about 10-1 at least.Don't check my math.good luck Matthew
Considering Matthew posted his question 50 weeks ago, I sure hope he's moved on something by now. :)