ATC SCM7 vs. Proac Studio 110

I've narrowed down my search based on price and I've added a new contender in the ATC.

I haven't heard either of these, having no local dealer for either. I started looking at ATC based on a recommendation in my previous post.

They are both in my price range and they both get great reviews.

Any opinions?
Best you find a dealer that will provide a 100% cash refund after you listen in your home to each. That way you can use your cables etc. Since you have no local dealers you need to have the first choice shipped to you. If you are paying list, the dealer should pick up the shipping, but you need to pay for the return, if you are not happy. At least you will not get stuck for sales tax.
ATC will prefer more power and will have a more articulate tight and punchy
bass (no port) but it won't have as much bass extension as the Proac (reflex
ported). The ATC midrange and articulation will have the edge on Proac but the
Proac bass extension and efficiency will have the edge on the ATC. The Proac
will probably be a lot more fun (small speaker big sound) but the ATC will be
slightly more transparent and better mids. Take your pick.
I have the power to drive the ATC's. Your summary is excellent, I think, based upon reviews that I have read of each.

I'm leaning towards the ATC for the reasons that you describe as well as it being a sealed design and better suited to rear-wall installation.

I'm going to mount them on brackets attatched to a wall.
with the power, the atc
Yeah ATCs will be the best choice if you intend to mount them to the wall. Bass seems to get reinforced without blurring the image. By theory the ATCs should have better bass extension than the Proacs but not in terms of power where a ported bass alignment should give. So with the close wall positioning, the bottom octave of the ATCs will fill in quite nicely without boominess.
So with the close wall positioning, the bottom octave of the ATCs will fill in quite nicely without boominess.

I agree - the roll off on a sealed box is less steep - so ultimately you can get some useful deep bass compared to the risk of "one-note" bass that sometimes comes with small efficient ported designs.

They won't be mounted directly to the wall, just to clarify.

They'll be on Target (the UK company) brackets which bolt to the wall and then you set your speakers on them. I have them installed now with Matrix 805's and the backs of the speakers are probably 5"-6" away from the rear wall.

I definitely think that the 805's are too large to be mounted that close to a wall, but the one with the good tweeter sounds good located that way.
Sorry to hijack this thread. Anybody know what is the difference between the older SCM7 and the current latest SCM7 model? The cosmetics are quite different between the two. Are there any substantial difference in sound quality, or both sound equally similar?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Easy one - just ask ATC - send an email to the link on their website.
Thanks Shadorne. I have sent them an email. The reason I asked is I heard the new ATC SCM7 is assembled in China while the old model in UK.
The cabinets on the new models do indeed look lower in cost to assemble than the older (German) cabinets. ATC make the drivers in house in the UK. They have always outsourced cabinet making - their strength is in engineering, designing transducers and manufacturing them - not wood work.
I have never heard any ATC speaker..which always have a good reviews.Just to share to everyone ...I am very please and satisfied with my Proac Studio 110..I will not replace this great small speaker for a while.