ATC SCM7 v3............on the way.......anyone use them?

   After much deliberation on a speaker selection I ended up going with the ATC SCM7v3.
We will see if my Nuprime IDA8 will be enough to drive them comfortably.............if not I will be in the market for another
In the meantime if anyone has any input on these speakers I would love to hear it!

Thanks for all of the forum support..........db

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They’re awesome!  I absolutely loved mine but they just didn’t work with some of the bass heavy kickdrums in some of the electronic music that I listen to.  
With that said, they are sweet sounding speakers.  They scale dynamics really well and let you hear every little nuance in a performance.  The tweeter is really nice.  Up there with my favorites!

I’m guessing that you got the satin white ones that I had my eye on.  You’re going to love them.  They look better in person and the Grills are quite nice; I liked the ones that I had, in person.  The entire speaker is top notch!

Happy Listening!!
Hey thanks that’s great news.....appreciate the input...!
Did you ever try them with a sub?
What were you driving them with?
Are they as good as a Magico??
I think what you meant to ask is, if they rival bose, sonos, or cheap earbuds, since that is your reference.  And to answer your question Ken, yes, a pair of speakers someone can actually afford and own sounds better than any $200k speaker that only plays in your imagination.

To the O.P., I drove mine with an Anthem I-225.  They are power hungry.  Perhaps the least efficient speakers I’ve owned, and I’ve had a bunch.
I did not pair mine with a sub, nor cross them over.  I was actually wondering if my pair had been over driven and were damaged but ATC said that I was just playing them too loud.  I was only playing them at a low to moderate level and on certain kick drums, the midbass driver was not happy, and since ATC stated that nothing was wrong, I moved on.  

Anyhow, I think your ida 8 should be fine with them.  Let us know your impressions of the ATC’s once you get them.  They did certain things, better, than any other speaker I’ve owned.  It’s hard to put a finger on it, but it’s the inner detail, prat, and scaling of dynamics or crescendos that really took me.  Its a speaker that will let you really hear the emotion and slight fluctuations  in a performers voice.  
I’d be curious to hear the SCM7’s crossed over at 80hz with 2 nice REL subs.

If I could find a pair of SCM 11 V.2 for around $1500 I’d personally buy them, that’s how much I like the SCM7’s.  I think that white finish you got might be the best looking as well!  Nice job 👍
Great choice.  ATC designs the SCM7 to do what it does well and no more.  It is well balanced, detailed and midrange magical.  They can be made to disappear with the right front end.  They do not thump, peel paint of walls or do the Rolling Stones well.

And they are power hunger.  They crave solid quality current.....and lots of it.  Don't feed them well and they will puke the music all over.  The price point of this speaker belies their capabilities and unfortunately are too oft underserved with a price point matched front end.

These could easily well serve a 10K front end.  Have fun with a great monitor.
Thank You......for the input.....much appreciated!
I went into the purchase expecting an amp that is next on my list....
The search continues!