ATC scm40 (passive) amp recommendation

I have the v1 ATC scm40 passives which I enjoyed the mids presentation. My source is prism sound dream da1 and I use conrad johnson pv5 as preamp.

Are there any recommendations for amplifications? I prefer class D amps which are not heavy and do not run hot. Any suggestions or experiments of amps with atc40s are welcome. 

I have tried the following amps with atc40 in reverse chronological order: 

Audio Alchemy DPA1 (currently using)
Digital Amplifier Company Maraschino King version 
Pioneer M22 class A amp 
Mivera Icepower 1200
Benchmark AHB2
Nord Acoustics One up NC500 MB MKII (SI994 and Sparkos op-amp)

So far I loved the pioneer M22 the most but it has to go because wife thinks it generates too much heat at summer now. DAC maraschino was clean but a tad harsh on highs. Mivera Icepower was also very good on mids and I even preferred it to the famous AHB2 (clean but soundstage is a bit small compared to Mivera 1200 in my system). 

I always love lush mids with large 3d sound stage. The CJ pv5 preamp has been doing a great job so far. I just feel the amp I am currently using (DPA1) is a bit lacking in terms of clarity sometimes and want to experiment more. I am eyeing on the Nord nc1200 since I love to fine tune with the different op-amps in its input buffer. But I have not seen a good deal on those yet. 

I was reading that EVS1200 and DAC megaschino are good but i don’t know which one will suit me and my system better.

I am also going to receive a schiit freya plus tube pre next month. I will pair it with a pair of RCA 6SN7 red base (which is know for the good mids) to see how it holds up with my CJ pv5 pre. 

Take a look at the D-Sonic M3a-800S amp that would seem to offer the sound characteristics you’re looking for.  Plenty of Class-D power, and I believe they offer a 30-day, in-home trial, which is super helpful.  Great value at $1475 IMHO.  Best of luck. 
@roxy54  yeah I was looking to upgrade to scm40 v2. Then I figure maybe I should look for other options as well.