ATC SCM35 - what amp for these speakers?

im considering the following amps: Bryston 14B SST, Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated or 201 monos, or ATCs own SIA150 inetgrated or their poweramp. what would be the best and most economically smart move? as far as ATCs own amplification goes at least i do not have to worry if it will sonud good with their speakers...
right now im leaning towards the SIA150.
You may try one of the digital amps - they will drive the power hungry ATCs with ease. Their smoothness will complemet them nicely, too.

JRDG 201 is nice, but too expensive compared to other ICE based amps out there (H2O for example), IMO. Bel Canto eVo series amps are also worth considering.
Try ASR Emitter I (17,8 kzl).

I'm going to check it with my Amphions this saturday :)

Very funny, is it?
>Krzycho why this choice? the price is not really funny...

not JRDE Concerto anymore? and - how would you compare Belcanto that Elb is selling to JR? you didn't like the Belcanto? i asked the question and got strange silence in return... (from Elb and you), is it because he's selling one right now? :)
>Krzycho mr. Broda from the other forum says that ASR is shit...
YBA, Warner Imaging, Cinematic Sciences (formerly Warner Imaging)

By far the best "two" amplifiers on the ATC's,

not ATCs own amps? :)
YBA - i'll check it out. and ATC - have you compared them to what you just suggested? with which ATC speakers?

SCM35's ver. 2


My brother is an ATC dealer, ATC amps are very very good, but YBA and Warners are the best solid state amplifiers at anywhere near reasonable pricing ie under $20K
what is the difference between verI and ver. II of SCM35? as far as i know the first SCM35s were smaller, anything else?
It was funny because I have started new iteration of the search.


I bought new amplifier last saturday.
It is wonderful tube integrated RCM Bonasus 2 x 16 W.
It costs 9000$ in States, 25000 PLN. I have to pay 13000 PLN. Unfortunatelly, for other costomers, it was the last unit in that price. More about it on prive.

Forget about ASR. It was mistake.
now thats interesting, im waiting for some more info. is it in ferrari red? :)