ATC SCM20SLs en route Stands, cables...

Calling all ATC fans. After saving up for a very, very, very long time, I've ordered the system I've wanted for years: SCM20SLs + the P1 power amp.

Could any ATC owners give me recommendations on stands and cables that have worked for similar combos?

Any silver based cable will work great with them. I have used Chord Silvers for years with them.
I've got a pair coming too. I'm going to use Hypex based amps with them. I've got both silver and copper cables to try.
Did you get your speakers? Mine came and they're wonderful. Copper cables work fine with them. Nothing fancy, just basic 12 gauge. Get some metal stands (at least 4 pillar) that you can fill with sand or better yet, lead shot if you can find it. The speakers are heavy, and front heavy at that. With the right recordings, these things sound beautiful.
Hi - yes, I got them (in my system link). Love them! I'm using Wireworld Oasis (OFC copper) speaker cable, and it's fine. Wish the speakers didn't have biwire terminals, but am using some bare wire cable spares as jumpers instead of the default nickel plate, a minor tweak but transparent enough.

Need new stands, though - my current ones are too high at 28" - I think I need between 24-26" for my listening height. ATC told me the halfway point between tweeter and woofer is meant to be level with your head/ears. Looking at Sound Anchors for the stands.
I'm doing the same wiring config as you with the coppers. I've also got a pair of Signal Cable silver bi-wires, and to tell you the truth, I don't think I'm hearing much if any difference. Imagine that. The Hypex amps are driving them effortlessly. I'm listening to the Eagles East of Eden and it sounds incredible. I'm going to play music through them for a couple weeks then take them downstairs for nearfields in my home studio. Some people say these are lean in the bass, but I'm not having any trouble with the low end. If it's in the recording, you'll hear it through these speakers. This is my first experience with ATC. I can imagine what the 25's would be like....!