ATC SCM19 V2 Recommendations.

I recently purchased a pair of ATC SCM19 speakers and I just wanted to pick some brains.

I am not interested in advice on different speakers or very expensive options.

I am recently retired, on a fixed income and buy mostly used.

What I would like to get is some options for speaker cables, speaker stands, speaker placement and synergy with my current components.

My room is 12' x 18' x 9' and the speakers need to be placed on the 18' wall.

My current setup includes the following:

Musical Fidelity M6si integrated (220 w @ 8 ohms)

Tellurium Black speaker cables

Lumin D1 Streamer

Denafrips Ares II DAC

Distributed bass array with (2) Rel T5, (1) Rel T7i and (1) SVS SB2000 subs



I have this test disc


see track list, 1/3 octave test tones. It's gotten very expensive, I could probably find a less costly copy.

Other test discs exist, just gotta search. Any suggestions from others?


Thanks for the tip.

I actually have an older RadioShack SPL around somewhere and I think Tidal has some test tones available.

At the moment I am doing some research into long wall placement using the Audio Physic guide. I recently switched my room layout 90 degrees. I was just sick of dancing through my speakers to get to my patio, but the reduced available distance has its challenges. Things like having a coffee table or the placement of the bass array.

Equilateral triangle, as far from side walls as possible, use sound anchor stands (ADJ 2’s for variable height or the shorter 3 post fixed height model). That will get you started. Your iPhone has SPL meter apps available. Pink noise is useful for walk testing your space, you hear how the position changes the balance from bass to no bass, rolls off high end, boosts high end, etc. Very easy to hear how pink noise changes character with position to speakers vs those changes in music with position.

Remember it’s the direct vs reflected energy ratio that affects the sound of things. The more direct sound the better, the more reflected sound the worse. You get into a triangle small enough to raise the level of direct over reflected energy. Panels and treatment can expand the size of the triangle.

OP, @lonemountain is an ATC rep, take it from the horses mouth and follow his recommendation to the T before doing anything else.

@lonemountain @kota1

Thanks. Due to the limits of the rooms 12’ distance from front wall to back wall, I will be doing more of a nearfield setup. I am guessing about 6’ from just behind my head to the top of the woofer. Distance between the speakers perhaps 7’.

Already have stands, but just wanted confirmation on height. The stands are weighted and are 23" tall. I am looking to adding a wider bottom plate maybe 14" x 16", along with IsoAcoustic Gaia’s. This would add 3" to the height.