ATC SCM vs Dynaudio Excite

I am planning on purchasing some new speakers for my analog set up. I currently have a VPI Scout with Dynavector DVX10 cart, Jolida JD9 preamp, Vincent Audio SV-236 MK integrated amp. I am looking at the ATC SCM7's or 11's and the Dynaudio Excite X12's or 16's.

I know that ATC is releasing their new line of SCM's soon with a house made tweeter. Do you think that would be worth the wait, or should I try to buy a current pair on sale from a dealer trying to make room for the new models?

What are your thoughts on the Dynaudios? They are harder for me to demo. There is an ATC dealer fairly close to me, but not a Dynaudio dealer. Thanks.
I've had the x12 and still have scm-11s. I don't know when the revised ATCs will actually be available, but if it is soon, I'd wait to see what the revision does for them.

That Vincent has some sock and shouldn't have trouble driving any of them and the tube bias to your system I would think would keep them from sounding analytical.

I really think you need to listen to them somewhere if possible. If not possible, buy the x12s used and compare them to the ATCs you can hear locally. If they aren't better to you than the ATCs, you can sell them on and buy the ATCs locally.

They are close enough, IMO, that a demo is a must. For example, for me, both the 11s and the x12s were more similar to each other in than either is to my current Harbeth P3, so I'm at a loss how to describe them in a way that would help you apply my results to your situation.
Like the last poster, I have owned both, but unlike their experience I found the x12 to be quite different than the atc scm 11. The x12 although smaller has punchier bass. They are smoother than the atc speakers and they make everything sound great. The x12s are revealing, but not too much so. The atcs on the hand are very transparent. The are absolutely more revealing than the dyns. Atcs were more impressive but the dyn were more fun.
I have heard both the Excite X12 and the ATC SCM 11. The ATC crushes the Dynaudio if you care what is on the recording.
Thanks for the responses. I am going to audition the ATC's on Thursday, and I will try to find a way to find the dynaudios too. I am leaning towards the ATC's though.
Were the ATC more "impressive" in an analytical fashion and the Dynaudio more "fun" in a musical/emotional sense? I'd always prefer fun, engaging and involving if that's what you're implying. Analytical gets old pretty quickly, emotional involvement doesn't. I want communication not detached observation. Best of Luck.
Yes, I would call the atcs analytical. Cold and neutral. I could hear more deeply into the recording though. I kept the dyns 10 times longer than the atcs. If I had to pick one or the other to take to a desert island, no contest, dyn wins. But I do agree that the atc crushes the dyn when it comes to detail and transparency.
Jaxwired, the speaker you kept 10 times longer says it all and is no surprise either.
Found a Dynaudio dealer in CO. Don't know why it was so hard to find. I will be auditioning both on Thursday. Excited to listen to the differences.
>>"The ATC crushes the Dynaudio if you care what is on the recording."<<

There are far too many times that I don't!