ATC SCM-7 Monitors. How do they sound?

I'm thinking of ordering a set but I will not be able to audition. I'm going to be using a 100w per channel Arcam Alpha 10 power amp w/them. Listening room is small w/9' ceilings. The midrange (vocals) are most important. I realize bass won't go down too low considering the size of the woofer. The room should make up for this. Thanks for your thoughts. Bill
Have heard them a few times. Good sounding small speaker- nice imaging and depth but not in the league of the classic LS3/5A, Celestion SL600 or 6SI but nonetheless worth considering if speaker size is an issue. Definitely better than Bose or any other the mass marketed mini speakers.
Used to own a pair. Some of the best small monitors available. They are very accurate, midrange and vocals to die for. The only problem with ATC 7 and 12 is you need to turn up the volume to get them sounding their best.
There was recently a pair here on A'Gon for $700.
Good Luck!