ATC SCM 20 SL or DeCapo?

Is there any contest between these two speakers?

I know the ATC costs about twice as much and I know their bigger speakers are amazing but are the 20s really good as well? I am trying to avoid having to pay for the amplifier to drive them with too. The DeCapos need so much less power (83db vs 92db sensitivity) I would buy them before the ATCs if they were even in the ball park.

I have never heard the Decapos - but have heard the big ATCs and I know they are amazing.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

yes, the atc 20's are really fantastic, but i wouldn't buy them unless you bought them active. they cost more, but you don't have to worry about amplification. . .
The DeCapos are excellent. I've listened extensively to them and they are superb on vocals, acoustic jazz.
ATC's are more neutral. I thought DeCappos had too much bass - but you may like this.
The new active 20's are $5,000 including amps. Other than some bright peak around the crossover, I think more accurate and less distortion than DeCappo. DeCappo may be a little better on clarity but this is from memory.
I cannot recommend the decapos enough.I have not heard the atc actives but for the money you could get the decapos and a nice tube amp to drive them which they sing with.If you are a solid state guy then the aformentioned posit means nothing.Happy listening.