atc scm 20 asl or scm 50 asl?

i've read alot heard alot and listened as much as possible for someone living in australia, and i have decided to invest in a pair of 2nd hand active atcs for use as studio monitors. i've heard the scm 50asl and was pretty impressed. the problem is my budget is aimed more towards the scm 20asl. these speakers i havent heard and i don't think i can find anywhere to listen to them. my question is just how different is the sound going to be between the 20s and 50s. it's not so much the bass extension i'm worried about but the lack of a mid-range driver. the thing which i loved most about the 50s was their articulate mids. can anyone shed any light on this?
G'day Jimbo,

I think you'll find the 20ASL to be every bit as good as the 50. There is *no* lack of midrange detail in these: The low/mid-frequency driver is the justly famous softdome unit also in the 50ASL, which has somewhat more bass extension (having a dedicated low-freq element as well as more amp power.)

The 20ASL is the portable reference for just about every famous location mixer around. Anyway, take it on faith that you cannot go wrong with anything this bunch of speaker designer/alchemists from the Cotswolds come up with. I use Active 10s in a 5.1 setup, and have been an audio supervisor for a major US broadcaster for 25 years. ATC speakers make my day as a sound lover and professional.

well that's encouraging. as long as the mids are there i can always get the sub later for the bass extension