ATC SCM 100 VS. Vandersteen Model 5's

Hi everyone. I am a new member to this forum, although I have read many threads for almost 2 years. I am in the process of purchasing new speakers, namely the ATC SCM 100 passives and the Vandersteen Model 5's. I currently have a demo pair of ATC SCM 50 active's in my listening room, however there is no dealer here in my location who sells Vandersteens. If there is anyone who has experience firsthand with the above and can comment on strengths and weaknesses of the speakers when compared to each other in terms of dynamics, soundstaging, imaging, sonic accuracy, that would be muchly appreciated. My current electronics are:
Blue Circle Galatea(balanced version) preamp, Simaudio Eclipse CDP, Clearaudio TT and Simaudio Moon W5 amplification.

Best regards
Can't answer your question, but why are you going with the passive ATC. They love power and show a distinct preference for tri-amplification.
I am choosing passive's because I have an amplifier already, and I have listened (my father owns) to ATC's that are passive and they are wonderful. ATC themselves have even used separate amplifiers with excellent results.
Since only one response, I'll take a shot. Vandersteen maybe better at soundstaging. Seems many studio monitors don't soundstage that great. But that's not the same as "sweetspot" and ATC's are acceptably good. ATC should be more dynamic, especially the active which have huge punch.
Haven't heard side by side but both seemed equally neutral, undistorted, and warmer, less fatiguing sound.