ATC's - 10's vs 20's

I recently purchased a pair of the Active 10's, circa 2004. I had always wanted to try a pair of ATC actives, so I hoped this would be enough of a taste to see if I liked the sound, despite being "small" speakers.

I love the sound - as most have commented, very honest sounding speakers, which is great for great recordings, something less than great for lesser recordings. I am relatively amazed at the fullness of the sound in a LR for something that is touted as a near-field monitor.

Anyway, my question is - has anybody directly compared the active 10's to the active 20's, and if so, how much deeper / fuller is the sound from the 20's? The specs don't make it appear much, and mid/woofer is only a bit larger. I'm confident that the Active 50's would be a whole other world, but I"ve read that the 20's are really a sweet-spot in the line-up.

Appreciate any feedback from someone who has heard them both.
I have not compared directly but ATC design speakers according to a strict engineering philosophy. This means that differences across the entire product range are much smaller than other manufacturers. If you like the 10's then you'll like the 20's more and the 50's even more because they are engineered to a technical standard rather than to offer variety of flavors or meet differing personal tastes.

As you go up the line you get slightly more bass extension and about 3 db SPL extra dynamics or max SPL capability with each step up.

The flip side is also true. If you don't like the 10's then you won't like the others either.