ATC OR Musical Fidelity

I have a pair of Yamaha HS7 with a HS8s subwoofer. 
Which would be a better match
ATC CA2 or
Musical Fidelity M6pre
Music range is classical, jazz and heavy metal. 

I am so confused
Source is primarily Vinyl

Please advise. 
I dont want more option just one of these two. 

I have never heard the ATC.  The Musical Fidelity is an awesome unit and a strong value.  One of the perks of it being made in Taiwan is that it is modestly priced for its quality.  

From what I am reading, the ATC is designed for use with active speakers like the Yamaha.  The MF is designed to connect to a matching power amp.  

Also, it looks like the ATC is in-stock at minimum at one retailer.  If the MF is not in-stock, the system is telling me it won't be in till next year.  
You make a very good point
One is designed for use with actives whereas the other for a matching to a power amp. Thank you for the input.

Luckily, both are available in stock in Singapore.
Cheers mate