ATC ca2 and p1

Is there anybody who has first hand experience with ATC ca2 preamplifier and P1 power amplifier, there are two reviews rave them but I need an user comment
Hi there,
I have the P1s and CA2s, working with ATC Scm40s,I had been running the 40s so far with a Cayin Tube integrated amp, well honest opinion I think I preferred the sound of the 40s with the tube , only problem being you cannot push the levels, the Cayin was just 30x2 but it drove the speakers to decent volumes.
The P1 and CA2 sounds great but lack the warmth and material you would find with a tube amp.
The power amp irratates me with the powerswitch being at the back(wonder why no one has said anything about this as yet)
hope this helps.