ATC Active 10 speakers - has anybody heard these?

I'm thinking of buying these speakers (used) for my digital desktop nearfield listening set up but I can't find any reviews and I can't hear them before buying. I've only read great things about ATC products, btw.

I would appreciate any comments on these. I listen mostly to 60s Jazz and female vocals of all genres. These speakers appeal to me because I don't have much room for a seperate amp. I would simply run my hard drive based system through an outboard DAC and into the speakers with some decent XLR cables.

Thanks in advance.
i'm very, very familiar with these speakers. they play exceptionally clearly and are very, very transparent. they don't have a lot in the way of bottom-end when on desktops, though. they really like being stand-mounted on heavy, high-mass stands to sound their best. they might do well with some sort of iso things between them and the desk, though.

the other thing to keep in mind is that a computer monitor in front of them hurts the imaging and depth a lot. it's best to have the speakers slightly in front of the monitor, if possible.

have a look at my office system to see how i have it setup. i tried a lot of different ways before i got my setup to sound right with the monitor.

but, yeah - ATC makes one HELL of a speaker. i think that their larger offerings are the best multi-driver cone speakers in the world, and they're all i use at home.