ATC 20SL speakers with Pass Labs XA100


Looking for valuable input from members who have tried out ATC 20SL speakers with Pass Labs XA100's. ATC is known to require powerful amps and can XA100's can handle them efficiently.

Never tried them with such a prestigious Class A amp. FWIW: I'd say 100 watts is fine but I would certainly not go any lower. I typically drove these little speakers with 200+ watts of Class AB. If you are considering the ATC's then I must warn you that you will find them bass light but very punchy/dynamic compared to most speakers. Midrange is forward (flat on and off axis through 1 to 5 Khz) so you'll also find them more attacking and more hardness/articulation on vocals than most designs which generally tend to a midrange dip. (think a smooth sounding horn but nevertheless a sound that can easily be regarded as "harsh" by some, especially at elevated levels and depending on your tastes)