ATC 100A Actives And Tube Preamps - Ideas ?


I recently bought a second hand pair of ATC 100A's (not SL drivers) and am using them with a Meridian 201 preamp and a Meridian 206 CD. On certain recordings the sound can be really harsh and I thought that a tube preamp would soften the harsh edges and generally give more warmth to the sound.

I tried out an Audio Research LS15 which sounded great but was a little over my price range (£2000/$3000 second hand in the UK!). Has anyone tried other tube preamps with ATC actives ?

Any info\recomendations appreciated

Paul Liddy
The LS-15 sells for about $1200 used here. I think I sold mine for $1100 plus shipping; that was about a year or so ago. I don't think the shipping would be astronomical to the UK. I remember last year around this time FedEx had an international rate special, I guess for the holidays, and I shipped something to Poland via FedEx Air for about $40.
Good luck, the LS-15 is a great piece.
Are you sure it's not the CDP? I found Meridian harsher than Cary or Rega. ATC's sounded very good with all Naim, not harsh.
It could be the CD as the 206 was regarded as being a little "glassy". When I tried the LS-15 it did make a significant difference. I haven't had the opportunity to try a different CD yet.

This is the problem with upgrading to high resolution kit, it shows up any weaknesses in your other kit.