AT150MLX versus the 2M Blue

I plan to purchase one or the other of these cartridges this afternoon. Yes, I know, short notice!!

Does anyone have any comments about either, or has anyone done A/Bs?

I'm replacing an AT440MLa; I have had a 150MLX (came premounted on an old table I bought used) and really enjoyed it, but it was old, dirty, etc. I did clean it.

I've never...NEVER owned an Ortofon, though I can't really say why. Before the AT440MLa I was using a Denon 110, and before that a Shelter 201. I don't want to go back to MC if I can get around it, which is why I've honed it down to the two I've mentioned above.

the AT150 is my favorite mm.
If you still have the old 150MLX, you could get a stylus replacement from for $179.95. Maybe that would help your decision.

Also, if you liked your AT 440MLa, you should REALLY like the 150MLX. Reviews I've read say the 150MLX with its aluminum body is more linear, detailed, and devoid of the plastic-y resonance of the 440.
I have both the AT150 and the Ortofon 2M Blue ... each aligned with MintLp Best Tractor on separate head shells for easier comparison. Not exactly true A/B, but easy to tell the AT150 is clearly superior ... top to bottom. What you give up in slightly better output with the 2M, is more than offset in resolution and refinement with AT150.