AT150mlx price went up

It was $500 MSRP and discount price at $250 about a week ago. Now I see it is $800 MSRP and discount at $350.
Why a sudden price hike?
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Consider this, the new discounted price is a bigger discount from retail than the old price.

Also consider used AT150Mlx sometimes come up in the listings with little or no hours on them.
Discount of $250 vs $450?
You have a strange sense of humor.
Setting $800 MSRP is nothing but a marketing gimmick, IMO, but it may work, who knows.

I would agree the popularity is a major factor. It may no longer be a most underrated MM cartridge.
I wasn't trying to be funny.

$250/$500 = 50% discount

$350/$800 = 56% discount

The new street price represents a larger discount than did the old street price.

There's no point in ranting about something over which one has no the pricing of this cartridge.

If $350 is too much to spend on a new one, then be patient and buy a used one.
I just checked: AT150MLX went up $100 both at J&R and LPGear.

AudioCubes2 still has them for $299.

LPGear still sells the replacement stylus for $179.95 here.

When you factor in cost of ownership (replacement stlylus for the price of a Denon DL-160 or Grado Silver), it's still a stone cold bargain.

Strangely enough, the AT440MLa had dropped back down to $119 or thereabouts.
Thanks for the Audio Cubes link. I just threw down on one.
Wow.. I just ordered mine last Thursday from J & R for $249..Thanks to Johnnyb53....and missed one with 15 hours on it for $200 Canadian.

Good thing I didn't procrastinate.
OK. I got a much better deal now, saving $450 (800-350) compared to $250 (500-250) if I had bought it a couple weeks ago. ;-)

Initial response: it is a clear winner over my sub $300 clartridges: Clearaudio Aurum Classic Wood, Grado Gold, ADC XLM MK ii Improved, and AT125LC.

The amount of difference between AT150mlx and other cartridges is more apparent than difference among other cartridges. I have tried a few classical (orchestral and chamber, solo), jazz (60~80's), and rock albums, and they all sound more musical.

Well, $350 is still a lot of money for me, but it definitely is the least amount I had spent compared to other recent audio upgrades.
See, don't you feel better knowing how much more money you saved than if you had purchased it a month ago?


Those who bought it a month ago would now realize that they had saved $550 and feel even happier. ;)

One more fallen sub $300 cartridge -- Schure V15 Type III (with either VN35MR or VN35HE), which is marginally better than Grado Gold and Clearaudio in my system, but not quite close to AT150mlx.