At what volume do you typically listen?

I have a Mark Levinson 326S preamp which a friend and I call "The Venerable One". I realize that this is subjective, but until I get to 45 out of a total of 80, the speakers really begin to sing. This is just past 12:00 on the dial.

I was curious to know where others listen on the "dial". I haven't checked with my Radio Shack SPL meter, but what is a typical range at which people enjoy listening? THank you.
Glad knweisner got my joke. Yes it's all relative. I was listening last nite at what I thought was a restrained quiet level to relax and then at breakfast everyone in my family commented at how loud it was. I do need a bit of volume to enjoy sorry to say.
The volume that wont have me making an appointment with an audiologist, lol. Huh??--Mrmitch
I've got less than 2 watts on 98dB single-driver speakers ... I probably use 1.2 or 1.3 watts. Not the best room/acoustics, but 8' out and I'm happy
My unit is supposed to adjust volume in db and using a spl meter in conjunction with my volume control it appears reasonably accurate within +/- 1db. Based on that my early morning listening ranges from 60 to 66 db, 69 to 75 db as my mid-volume 78 to 84 db at my loudest. The majority of my listening is done from 72 to 78 db.
80-95 dbs for me, rarely peaks close to 100. My room and amp will not allow any higher.