At What Age Does An Audiophile Buy His Last Amp?

I am 60 years old. I have bought and sold audio equipment for years while trying out gear to get the perfect blend for my system. At 60, I think I may have one more shot at a major overhaul of my system. Whatever gear I have after this next overhaul is the gear I will ride into the sunset. Geez, I hope I'm not 75 still trying to squeeze that last 3% of sonic excellence out of an equipment upgrade purchase.

I think I'm going to have to draw the line at 65.
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Mitch my Dad overhauled his system at age 73.

Enjoy the next purchases and make it a good one.
"When they pry my paypal account credit card from my cold arthritic fingers." Hey, I'm 61 so you've got time. Nothin's gonna change my world,
so have another hit of crystal clear music. It's the trip, man, not the destination! What does bother me though is the congregation of the audiophiles getting older than an episcopalian assemblage
( judging from how many of you recognized those misquotes). We've got to get younger people involved. Start a thread about how to best do that....and don't go passive on us. We're counting on you.
I think it will happen either when you move to a smaller place or, if you have heavy monoblocks like I do, when you can no longer lift your amplifiers for your next move.
I think ones hearing acuity would be a smarter barometer by which to judge such changes than age. Some seniors are blessed with very good hearing. I wish I was one them!
Each his own, but I decided to stop now in my 40's when I listened to several $500.000,-- ++ Systems which were sonically so inferior compared to mine that it made no more sense to continue ..... my amps are matched to my speakers btw.
Mitch4t, Life starts at 60. My mother started driving car at the age of 72. On the other hand I think I'm changing things around but in reality I drive the same car for 17 years, work at the same place for 25 years, live at the same address for 21 years (most likely kick the bucket there) while being married for almost 38 years (same wife). Chances, I will keep my system intact, are pretty high.
I would like to share that in the past 5 years I had introduced 4 of my friends to the hobby, ages,
73,67,68, 64, all of them with amazing hearing including my friend Maureen that wears a hearing aide but now they are getting so sophisticated that you can't see them and I think they can listen as good as the rest.
I have been with her from auditions on new equipment dacs minimum differences etc, and she still pick the right stuff, not mentioning her passion for classical, streaming Internet radio, picking right furniture for the system etc.
I am 40 finishing my masters and I feel so happy introducing my friends to the hobby, they have been all their lives in the west, and I emigrated to America 10 years ago, I guess is about exposure, I wish more regular consumers were expose to the right sound....

Never is too late to experience a dream sound, enjoy what you hear and don't forget that life is a personal gift and the best of all.....

My respects and regards to you all.
Don't worry Kijanki, your old amp won't be jealous if you in case if you decide... who knows? :-)
Doesn't everyone here plan on making one last upgrade from their deathbed?

On a related subject - when do you buy your last bottle/case of current vintage, traditional Barolo? Since the stuff can take 20+ years to reach maturity, that one is a problem.

MartyKL--your question about Barolo made me recall the following: two friends and I each bought a bottle of Barolo for a fourth friend's 50th birthday. Several years later, our fourth friend died from cancer, and we learned that he had not drunk any of the three bottles of Barolo. At his funeral service, one of my friends spoke to the gathering, and his opening words were, "Drink the Barolo!" So buy the Barolo at any age, and go ahead and drink it.

I think I have bought my last amps, pre-amp, and speakers.
Front ends are a different story. I am in the process of replacing my turntable.
I just turned 70 and am blessed to still have very good hearing although I can't say the same for my eyesight.
Since my golfing has gone to pot this hobby is something I can still enjoy.

I'm pushing 80 and bought myself a new Van Alstine Sunergy 450 for Xmas. Picked it up at AVA "factory" myself, drives my Maggies great, a good match with the Audio Analogue Bellini pre I got on here.
Now I'm thinking of a new tube pre-hmmmmm .
It seems that only older audiophiles who are blessed with good hearing can appreciate exquisite sound and music. The best software, meaning LP's are also required. The very same music, and LP's that have been in my collection for ages, sounds so much more beautiful with Class "B" analogue played back on Class "A" reel to reel, I'm in heaven.

I'll buy my last amp when I can no longer afford the amp I desire, which is now, if I can't get the funds.
I just turned 59 and the only things holding me back are money and sanity. I'll always have the interest, if not the urge, to keep looking and listening.

One never knows so one mustn't limit ones self.

All the best,
I am 74.5 years old and I just ordered a pair of Herron Audio M1A mono
amps. I plan to enjoy them until I am at least 85.
I retired a few years ago and bought a Brystom amp with a 20 year warranty. Since my last amp served for about 17 years and was great, and the only reason I upgraded was i had a big pile of money to throw away...
I am pretty certain this Bryston 4B-SST² will be my last amp.

If I blow money on equipment, it will be on 20.7 Magnepans.
the logic answer ..when the grim reaper makes his appearance..
Long live The Best Exotic Marigold Amplifier!
Well that's a bit revealing, Elizabeth. Why don't you already have them? I sure would and I'm only 56. As Airegin stated, hearing is probably going to be the major factor in answering this question. But I mean in terms of satisfying one's hearing deficit which will most likely include hearing aids, and/or of sorts.
Being satisfied with what you have isn't age specific any more than wanting something else is. Not growing intellectually or desiring anything new isn't a sign of age, it's a sign of laziness and a lack of intellectual curiosity that's merely sad. I don't close any artistic doors, but am amazed at how many people do. Smugly.
Hearing is not just a matter of ears, you brain remembers and fills in the gaps.
Hence famous conductors in the 80's and beyond ,who can't hear 5k on an audiology machine, have no problem correcting a violinist playing in his highest register.

What characterizes an open mind at 20 signifies an empty one at 70.
I love this title of this thread,LOL!
An audiophile does not have the concept of buying his last amp. You are not an audiophile! ;p
Great reason to get what you really want in the younger years and enjoying it
along the way. Telling story Jim, a real word to the wise.

What age or stage to stop. When it no longer matters to your ears, and matters
to much to your wallet. Outside of that, music and hobbies help to keep you
young if only in heart and mind. It is always nice to have something to look
forward too.
I was going to paraphrase Charlton Heston but Truman beat me to it.
The best point is that if your demise is weighing on you heavily. Then take the attutde that you can't take it with you. Thus my question if you are not going to go out buy the best system you can now, then when?? Go for it !
If you live beyond 75 then yes you might need to reenter the fray, Have courage noe and treet yourself well you have earned every last cent of it.
Well, do you mean final amp? Or is it the "last amp", the one you just dropped off at FedEx to hurry back to your listening room to spend sometime with your new "last amp".... ;-)
Well I'm 75 and still attempting to do the 3% squeeze. Don't know what I will do at 85, when I am working on the 1% of the squeeze left. Just hope I have some hearing left to make it worth while. So, when will you buy your last car? Never happens! Things break, wear out, go out of tech. That gives us opportunity to 'buy the last'.
I'm 60 next month and just bought another amp. The next one might need to have a remote. ;)
My will stipulates that my heirs must upgrade.
I'm over 70 and my hearing is either getting better or I’ve taught myself how to listen better. I didn’t do the concert thing back in the day so maybe that’s a contributing factor. Right now I’m seriously thinking about going 2 channel versus my Theta surround sound system. My plan is to start with a 2 channel amp… probably an Ayre… and see how my Casablanca III likes it. Arguing with myself about what to do next helps to "keep me young".
Your Final Frontier!
I'm 74 and soon expect my last turntable, arm, and cartridge. I expect next week to receive new interconnects and speaker wires. Very soon I will get a new Mac Mini based music server. My hearing is quite good again in my recent hearing exam. My only limitation is that I cannot carry 100 pound amps upstairs. Also, on late weekend afternoons I nap to good music for about thirty minutes.

What the hell are you guys talking about?
I think you summed it up.
Simple: You stop upgrading when you stop having fun doing so. Or when other priorities set in and no longer can afford the toys. Nothing to do with age really.

First of all, congrats on having been born in the best year of the last century. You are in distinguished company.

I think many of us as we approach retirement undergo the same sort of analysis. In some respects it is a farewell to higher income living, and a reflection on what our values are. I began about 7 years ago making a list of what remained to be accomplished in order to provide for retirement as I envision it. Music, of course, is a major and essential component of what I do with my now precious free time. That will surely continue when I have more time. Accordingly, I have nearly completely revamped my entire rig over the last two years. All of this was well planned in advance, and I am almost finished. My system as it is currently configured is good enough that I can live with it with no further improvements, and do so with no regrets. However, if, seven years from now, I have an opportunity (and money) to substantially upgrade, there is little doubt I will do so.

So, the answer to your question is this--- Stop upgrading when you lose interest or run out of money. Meanwhile, enjoy.
And what are we, chopped liver? The best year to have been born in is 1957 thank you very much. Birth of rock and roll. We grew up together:)
Wrong. 1950 (late). I was 18 most of 1969 playing music in Honolulu, opened for Led Zeppelin and met Jimi Hendrix. Take THAT you young whippersnappers!*cough*now where's that blood pressure medicine...wheel me into the light...damn kid forgets to call me...*cough*
There's a colorful past. Mine's, well..., checkered. That's something isn't it? I am after all a product of the 'Lost' generation. What was your band's name?
That band was named Cauldren, didn't last (less than a year) but we did have FUN...Mitch Mitchell jammed with us at a club gig once (bands stayed in Hawaii for weeks sometimes as an "in between tours" rest).
Yea. FUN is putting it lightly. But if you didn't attend one of Don Ho's shows you sold yourself short (just kidding). I've never been there. It was probably way better then.
The answer is: 42
You mean like 'Summer of 42'?:)
I saw the late, great Don Ho at his peak in the mid 60s with his brilliant back-up band The Aliis at the original Dukes (my mother took me...she was a fan)...giant palm frond fans in the ceiling. That dude was great...met him a couple of times over the years and he even bought a Twin Reverb amp from me for his road show (it had a cool Anvil road case).
Boy if all you are looking for is 3% I would quite right now. Give me a shout if you would consider more in the neighborhood of 30 to 45% .
Wish I was there, Wolf.
Why does it all have to be done at once, rather than as strides in design justify? For example, there may be no great steps forward in preamps, like teflon capacitors, for 10 years; will yiou ignore the progress when it happens because you are too "old." It is like asking when you will stop learning.

I am 62, and upgrade as justified. Just got a new DAC and Bryston BDP-1 digital player last year, but have amp and speakers for 10+, pre for 5+, vintage tuners in and out, etc.

Keeps one young(ish), Mitch.
At What Age? Never, if we are true audiophiles.
Die hard!