AT-VM95ML or similar?!

Hi all,

I was gifted a PLX500 and Im looking to get a better cart and later a dedicated pre.

I've seen a lot of positive about the VM95ML but I never heard one..
Im looking to spent less than 200GBP for the cart, the lower the better to be honest (in relation to performance of course).
I've also seen the VM540ML in the AT promotional pdf circulating here. What are the differences?

I;ve seen reviews emphasising more on the top end 'sparcliness' and forgetting the low end.
I prefer a balanced sound with nice low (tight and deep) and realistic/clean detail at the top. (lol... so I want everything in one hehehhe). 

Music I listen... from classic rock/prog/metal... (dire straits, tool, Foo, Iron maiden... less nowadays).. to electronica/experimental... (Board of Canada, AFX, flume, moderat, Lorn).
Current setup: denon amp + Klipsch towers.
My vinyl listening will probably move more into experimental and jazz(y) sounds though (taking the misses into the equation).

Any ideas regarding:
1) VM95ML
2) VM95ML vs VM540ML
3) any viable alternative? 


The VM540ML is vastly superior to the VM95ML. I own two VM540MLs and love them. Probably one of the best values on the market today for a mid-range MM cartridge. 
200 GBP = $260 

Ortofon M20FL Super with Nude Fine Line diamond is a great alternative at your price range. It was one of the favorite cartride for many contributors in MM thread here long time ago (you can search).
I still have a NOS stylus for this cartridge. 

I don't think you can find a good cartridge cheaper than 200 GBP 

thank you all Ill google a bit more.

Im also not sure if I should go for the SA/SH...