Was considering a replacement stylus for this cartridge but not certain of the best place to purchase one.Have had suggestions on carts around the $100 range but asking if this my be a good alternative?Using vintage Technics SL-1900 and NAD 3020 phono stage.Thanks for any help.
LP Gear has them.
Are they jelco stylus I believe they are called?Thanks.
The link I provided above is for an original Audio Technica brand stylus.

You are asking about a Jico stylus. I don't think that Jico makes a stylus for that cartridge.

If you want to buy a new cartridge for your budget of $100, I would recommend a Shure M97xE or an Ortofon 2M Red. Either of these will be MUCH better than the cartridge you have now.
Yes,they have a replacement stylus for $33 on there site.Have read good things about there products.That intrigued me about getting a new stylus instead of a new cartridge.
Get the new styus for 33 bucks and spend the rest on some vinyl !
I just want the best quality sound at a reasonable cost.If a new cart is the best alternative than I'll go that direction.If just getting a stylus will be an equal choice than thats a no brainer.
Goldring,Grado,Sumiko to name a few seem to have have nice carts in the $100 price range.
How old is the cartridge that you are using now? FYI, the life of a
stylus is about 1500 hours.
Came with turntable I found at a thrift store,so I haven't a clue the age?It's on an Technics SL-1900 that I paid just $15 for.Thought I could afford to upgrade some,the TT is really good shape.
I had a Technics table many moons ago and it had a Shure. I
don't think you would go wrong with the Shure that Mofi
suggested. Shures were always great tracking cartridges. That
AT cartridge that you have is well over 30 years old!
Yes I understand that.Maybe I'm a bit naive about phono cartridges.Just trying to get the best choice possible for $100 price range.My music taste are R&B,Soul with some Eagles,Clapton and similar music.
Audio Technica made/make some nice cartridges. IMHO, the PRO12E isn't one of them

The Shure M97eX can be bought for around $70.00. It is WAY better than the one you have now, even with a new stylus.

The SL-1900 with the Shure would be an excellent performer.
Plan to use phono section of vintage NAD 3020 if that makes any difference?
It will be fine!
LpGear offers a choice of *two* replacement styii for your cartridge. The first one is this one for $36.95 that your first responder linked to. This replaces the original stylus. It has a .0004 x .0007 inch elliptical stylus (probably bonded), which is sort of a “beginner's elliptical.” The more advanced ellipticals of the '70s had a more extreme profile such as.0002 x .0007 inches.

LpGear also offers a significant upgrade (more of a leap than a path) with this stylus for $119.95. It has a Shibata stylus, most likely nude-mounted. A nude-mounted Shibata is one of the highest-performing stylii available.

For example:
o Ortofon's 2M series offers four stereo models ranging from $100 to $750 MSRP.
o The economy Red model has a bonded elliptical similar to the standard $36.95 PRO 12E replacement stylus.
o Two nude elliptical models fill out the middle two price slots (about $220 and $420).
o But their $750 top model in this series, The Black, sports a Shibata stylus.

If you want a slam-dunk for minimal money to get your rig up to snuff, get the standard stylus for $36.95. If you want a big leap in trackability for another $83, get the Shibata stylus. I doubt that anything else you could buy could approach the performance upgrade you'd get for that little money.

And if you have doubts, call LpGear customer service for advice. They have a lot of stock and experience at providing stylii and belts for out-of-production cartridges and turntables.
Thanks for looking up that info Johnnyb53!
So you feel the least expensive of the two would really equal the 2M RED?
09-14-15: John421
So you feel the least expensive of the two would really equal the 2M RED?
No, that wasn't my point. I can't say for sure that it would. I was saying that the stock stylus for an AT12PRO is a mildly elliptical bonded stylus. For $83 more you can leapfrog all the way to a nude-mounted Shibata, which has a more sophisticated shape and a lighter tip for better tracking.

I've heard the Red and it's really good for $100. I haven't heard the AT12PRO. I used the Ortofon 2M line to illustrate the price points established by various types of stylii. It appears to me that the shibata upgrade stylus for the AT12PRO would be a bit of a bargain. I'm not saying it's as good as a 2M Black, but I think it would be significantly better than a 2M Red.

However, I recommend you talk to someone knowledgeable at LpGear to get a more informed opinion.
Thanks again.