I am about to pull the trigger on this model or the newer usb version...although not hi-end audiophile does include a respectable cart, phono pre, and a bevy of DJ related features I will never use...hard to quibble about for 2 bills...any thoughts from owners?
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It looks like a Technics SL1200 mkII. A good table for two bills. The cartridge is one of the better inexpensive one's. You might get more feedback if you jump onto an SL1200 thread.
I have an SL1210 M5G and bought an AT-PL120 USB 2 years ago for my stepson. The appearances are quite similar but the Technics is built to a higher level of refinement. Still, for $200, the PL120 is quite a bargain, giving you dead-on speed accuracy, 33/45/78 rpm speeds, and height-adjustable tonearm. Like the Technics its sound can be improved significantly for little money, such as better feet and/or isolation platform, a better, noise-isolating platter mat, and a better headshell. It's definitely my first choice at $200-300, and is a must-have for 78 rpm enthusiasts, both because it has selectable 78 rpm and pitch control, but also interchangeable headshells to make swapping between a microgroove and 78 rpm cartridge as easy as possible.

If you download ToneAudio's Issue 11, you'll find a pretty complete review of the PL120 by Jeff Dorgay, the publisher. While reviewing it from the standpoint of someone accustomed to very high end gear, he's very complimentary of what this turntable does at its price, and does some cartridge swapping to see what works well with it. The PL120 comes with a heavy-tracking DJ cart, and a swap to something else yields big benefits. The $50-ish AT120 cart would be a good place to start, but there are several good candidates. Jeff tried the turntable with the Ortofon OM10, 2M Blue, and Grado Reference Platinum, which was his favorite match.

Download the issue and read the review; I think you'll find it most helpful. From my experience wringing more performance out of the Technics, you can improve the PL120 in ways Jeff didn't mention, such as the vibration control measures I mentioned before.
Thanks for the responses...the AT now comes with a at95e cart...but I plan to go Denon 110
Update...table arrived...easy set up...the weakest link is the internal phono pre. ...which I knew going in...easily rectified by a $50 model...at95e is a solid they can sell this for 2 bills beyond me...wipes the floor with the Rega R 1 for comparison...25lbs of Chinese elf construction...
I have owned the AT-PL120 for almost a Month now. I bought it used for a little over $100.00 bucks locally. The look and feel are first rate. Stops and starts on a dime.

The AT-PL120 is my dedicated 78 record player. I have amassed over 100 78 records since I got into vinyl ( shellac) records January of this year.

I did compare the AT-PL120 to my Project Expressions III when I first got it, the Project was easily better sounding in every way. This is with the stock cart that comes with it and the stock cart that comes with the AT-PL120.

I was not expecting any surprises there. BUT the AT-PL120 left you feeling that with a better cart it's potential upside was good to very good.

Needing a player that played 78's was a more pressing need, so I bought a Shure N44-3 78 Cart. Had it professional installed and set up and I can't say enough good things about this player when it comes to playing 78 shellac records.

Now I'm looking at buy a Grado 78 cart that has some good reviews and compare the two 78 carts.

Some where down the road I'm going to get a extra Audio Tech. headshell and put a good cart on it for vinyl play back. Been playing, buying vinyl ( shellac) for 5 Months now and having a ball on the super cheap.

The AT-PL120 fits a "new too vinyl" person like my self perfectly. Plus it has a big upside if you want to upgrade it with a better cart.
I must say as well...this tt is one of the better buys in budget audio...I purchased another headshell and installed a shure v 15 I had on hand...and this significantly put this table into another realm...although the stock cart is pretty darn good for what it is