At one time I had a mini/micro/whatever system from Denon with Mission speakers, and...

I am now looking for a secondary system for a smaller bedroom.  I have had the "go for broke" main systems with the Magnepans/Audio Research and the like.

but for this bedroom something simpler but decent sounding.  I had mentioned this in and earlier thread, but will mainly use for a College/Jazz FM station listening and some CD listening.....mainly Ernest Tubb and acid rock.  Open to your experience with something simple for a bedroom.


Yes, we need a quality "all-in-one" system. Currently, we can buy a three hundred dollar "cheapo" but nothing you'd trust your vinyl on. Give us a $1000-$1500 system with turntable, CD player, maybe Bluetooth and some nice speakers. 

I still see those Denon systems come up for sale. Usually the CD has stopped playing. I ended up giving mine to a friend.

The Denon/Mission systems were how I helped introduce friends and family to the world of "better sound".  My Mom used one 'till her passing.