AT OC-9, Cantilever rotated?

Have an OC-9 II that I bought NIB/sealed from a AGoner some time ago. Noted initially that the cant. appeared to be a few degrees off. Went ahead and tried playing it, just mounted cart so cant. appeared to be on line correctly, not cart body. Not overwhelmed I guess. Have another cart mounted. Reexamining cart with lower mag. revealed that actually the whole stylus/cant./coil assembly was rotated in the suspension mounting. One side of the X coil former was protruding slightly more than other side. Pressed that side with an object and the whole assembly rotated, either way depending on which end of the X was depressed. When the X former was equally level on both sides, the cant. appeared centered and straight and the stylus was not canted. Bothers me that the whole assembly rotates in the suspension so easily. Now will have to try the cart. again, assuming that it will maintain proper alignment and not rotate L or R in the suspension again. Like someone forgot to glue something or?