"AT Audiogon" "ON Audiogon" Help

Sitting in my chair responding to a fellow Audiogon member I came to a pause..... one finger on the letter "A" the other, on the "O". "What is it?" I ask myself. I need your opinions fellow members. Here's my example
"You can buy cable at Audiogon"
"You can buy cable on Audiogon"
Your votes please.
ON: as in "log-on".
I respond humbly to this most significant of questions; it is possible to be on AudiogoN, but I have never been 'at' AudiogoN. To be 'at' a place requires being in the physical location. Being 'on' AudiogoN means accessing their website, or as previously mentioned, being logged 'on.'
"AT" would probably be an appropriate way of putting it if you locate the physical server and steal the cables from the back of the box, but please dont do that, im looking to see if anybody has had experience with seismic bolts on another thread.
And this while Bill Clinton is still trying to determine what "is", is...:-)
How about "via" or "through"
Ah, but Nrchy, can you really be "on" Augiogon either? Notwithstanding the common usage of "logging on", can you really stand on it or sit on it if "it" (Audiogon) only exists to the end user electronically? Maybe we're "in" Audiogon! That would seem a bit more cosmic - as in "in outerspace" and by extension, "in cyberspace".
Wmcmanus - Have you ever been "on" the telephone without actually being ON the telephone? I would hope that you have...

Nrchy is correct, IMHO.
either choice is fine – normal grammar rules are not applicable with the internet and this is terminology that will work either way, it is all about you…………do what you "feel" best about and enjoy the experience "at" your leisure and "on" your own time…
Sorry Ekistler sj. I was just being playful and not attempting to answer the question in a serious manner - it was an effort to create a Seinfeld type of dialogue more than anything.

When writing emails, I commonly make references such as:

I have a question concerning your ad at Audiogon... or
There is an excellent thread that recently appeared on Audiogon...

Either way works for me, but definitely not "in Audiogon"
That's my point Members. We can all agree that Audiogon is (in theory) a place. We can be AT a place but at the same time, we buy, sell and trade ON this site Boy ... this has me stumped!
Wmcmanus - I misunderstood your intention. As is my custom, I was typing a little faster than I was thinking. ;^]
If you consider Audiogon a site. It would be at Audiogon.
If you consider Audiogon a webpage. It would be on Audiogon. That's my vote.
Can't we all just get a life?
"get" a life or "take" a life? :-)
I have heard that Monte Cristo has has produced a new "El Presidente William," cigar. It is a 70 ring size, for his and her enjoyment.

Personally I havent smoked one yet, but I heard it is really a mouthful.
If you guys have actually been 'on' the phone, I think you've been using it wrong. Isn't that kind of uncomfortable???
I vote for both. 'On' when your 'logged on', 'at' when directing other to it. Such as, I'm on the phone, but you can call me later at 555-0000.
So far Jarroyo's comment makes sence to me. Anyone else?
I hope this isn't going to be resolved so easily. There needs to be much more debate before any resolution can be reached.