AT-ART9XI Cartridge - Reduced Compliance

Hi folks, I'm leaning toward the AT-ART9 cartridge for my SME V.  The new version - the ART9XI - has a thicker solid boron stylus (was .26mm, now .28mm) and slightly lower compliance (was 18, now 15 x10-6).

The newer version costs $300 more ($1,300 v. $1,000).  I'm inclined to buy the old one.  Any opinions?  (Please keep in mind I bought my SME V 30 years ago when it was $2k even.)  Thanks in advance!
I don’t know about the x1 or x2 because I have not heard them, but I do own the original ART9. I purchased it from Music Direct while wanting for a Sound Smith re-tip. I liked it so much on my VPI Classic 3 with a JMW-10.5 arm, I didn’t really miss the koetsu for the entire 6 month wait!
OK so.... I auditioned the ART9, 9XI and 9XA at length using the Lp Gear YouTube through the sketchy bluetooth connection to my primary system.

My main conclusion: I'm never going to intentionally listen to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" again.  Clean sound but a studio-contrived facsimile of musical instruments played by talented musicians.  Having played it close to 100 times to listen to the AT cartridges, I'm done for life.  The only semi-convincing image is the snare, and it still sounds canned.  Not a good choice for serious listening.  (I did, however, enjoy the kids' chorus - reminded me of grade school.)

That said, I found the 9XA the most spacious, but I'm concerned that part of what I'm hearing is inexact equalization between the .2mV XA and the .5mV XI.  Any thoughts?
Bear in mind that if you are using your Classe Audio 6 MkII phono, the recommended minimum is 0.3mv. If the gain is marginal the 0.2mv XA will sound will probably sound thin. I think it would be safer to go with the 0.5mv XI and ensure you have no gain issues.
Keegiam, you might have to add a little weight to your headshell. No problem. Every time you change cartridges you should check your resonance frequency with a test record as there is a fair degree of variability in these specs. Trust but verify. 
Good tip, I checked the gain spec on the Classe a while back but skipped over the minimum MC input.  Yes, it is indeed .3mV.  Concern with the Classe's gain is one reason I locked in on the original ART9 at .5mV.    I don't want to have to pull my old head amp out of the attic.

Another good tip.  My rough calc of upper 9 Hz for the XI/SME included 1/2 g for hardware, so I'm certainly not going to want to be on the light side.