AT ART9 cart going into a Pass XP17

What would you suggest for loading options on the Pass to set the dip switches at?

 I'm a little lost as to how to load, I know minimum 100 Ohm but what other settings. I am
currently tracking at 1.8 grams.

 Thanks for any help.

There are no real rules for this, except to stay above the internal resistance of the cartridge by a factor of at least 5X, and even that rule can be broken at times. Nor is there anyway on earth to do any damage by trying different loading options. Therefore, I say start at 47K ohms and go down from there, until you find happiness.
I have an Art 9 and it likes 60 dB of gain and between 200 and 500 ohms.
Thanks guys, 
 I just received the XP17 yesterday so I've been using at 66dB of gain and 100 ohms to start, I will try loading at 200 then 500 tomorrow. 
 I can only set at 56dB,66dB or 76dB of gain.
 My old MiniMax phono was between 56-58dB and that sounded good so I'll try dropping it down to 56dB on the Pass.
I started out at 47k and have settled on 180 ohms after much adjustment back and forth.