At $2K for a new SACD player is the XA-777ES....

still the "big dog"???

Past machines included a stock 333ES that I had "Kerned" but sold it in favor of a SACD-1000 on the premise that Meitner was going to introduce a 2 channel DAC (which he did but coupled with the Switchman preamp) that ended up being way out of my budget. Don't need multi-channel nor DVD nor DVD-A so the newer universal players are bringing more to the table than I desire or am willing to pay for. Don't really want to consider used gear. It has to travel a long way to my home and I'd like to minimize the risk of out of pocket repairs or insurance fights with carriers.

At the $2K pricepoint are there any proven contenders that offer as much as the XA-777ES (I realize its m/c but as it parallels its dac on 2 ch so thats ok) interms of excellent SACD and really good redbook????
Search Xindak here and AA.Outstanding on SACD and CD.Tubed 2 Channel.JD
Marantz SA14
You might want to consider having Dan Wright ( doing his Signature Truth mod to your SACD 1000. Cost is $1250 and includes an internal tube analog stage. This mod is sonicly very close to his Ultimate Truth mod of the XA-777ES. I have both, but am waiting for the SACD 1000 to break in completely before doing any direct comparisons. Descriptions of the mod and reviews can be found at:
Thanks for the info so far. A missing part of the puzzle I mistakenly left out is I sold the SACD-1000 last week. I had considered having it modded but as it was originally destined to be "Meitnered" I was a little disappointed upon deciding that was not to be its fate. I look at this as a chance to go in a new direction. Maybe a Philips 963SA and a DAC or 2 players - a 963SA for SACD and a really nice redbook player???

The Marantz may be a possiblity based on the fact there is a version 2 out in Asia which is hopefully destined for this continent.

The Xindak look interesting and while I appreciate JDl's position he appears to be the only member here writing about owning this unit.
I will choose Marantz SA12S1, 1 stop solution to your audio and HT setup around US$2k range. Surely wins over XA777ES.

If said not good in resolution, that means you dont know how to play SA12S1. read the manual carefully and play again.
At the $2000 mark, I'm not sure that there is much real competition for the XA-777ES. Other players in the same price category seem to be cheaply made by comparison. I found the SACD performance to be excellent, on a par with the SCD-1, and you might be able to find a used SCD-1 for not much more than a new XA-777ES. On redbook, the XA-777ES has a smoother, warmer and more laid back character, while the SCD-1 has a brighter (occasionally strident) tonal balance. As a pure CD transport, I expect either would be excellent, but the SCD-1's disk loading and track access times are painfully slow. I previously owned a Modwright SCD-333ES, but I never had the opportunity to compare the 333 to the 777. Dan does great work,and modding an XA-777ES might be a good one box solution. I personally found an XA-777ES combined with an outboard Chord DAC 64 to have great results for SACD and redbook. I am also waiting for a Modwright Universal Truth DV-47a to arrive, and it might be yet another player to consider, even if you don't want DVD-A. As for the Xindak, I have no personal experience. It may be a great player. However from an ethical standpoint, I have problems buying products from totalitarian states that use slave or prisoner labor to produce commercial goods. Just my two cents.

For about $2,000.00 for a new SACD Player???

Well...... I would go about this two ways.

(01). Meridian 506.24 (used)* + Sony DVP-NS755V (for SACD playback)(new) -- $1,000.00* + $200.00 = $1,200.00.


(02). Philips DVD963SA** + MSB Nelson Link III + MSB P1000 Power Base Power Supply -- $500.00** + $1,000.00 + $400.00 = $1,900.00.


(03). Meridian 506.24* + Philips DVD963SA -- $1,000.00* + $500.00 = $1,500.00.

* means that I would seek out a used Meridian 506.24 instead of vouching for a new Meridian 507, as after hearing the 507 recently, and recalling what the older 506.24 sounded like, I would've liked and preferred the smoother, more liquid, more analog sounding Meridian 506.24 over the brighter and harder sounding Meridian 507.

** means that THAT is what the price of the Philips DVD963SA would be at retail. I would shop around and try to find me a good deal on one when it was time for me to buy one. I would have the player modded later on and have a super clock installed inside the transport.

Used Meridian equipment can be problematic and IS expensive to service. Make sure you are not buying someone else's headache. IMHIO.
If you buy an inexpensive Sony (not ES) buy the extended warranty (BestBuy, etc.) They have an MTBF of one day after the manu's warranty expires.