AT 155LC and AT 160ML

I have this cartridge the 155LC but it has a 160ML stylus on it, can someone shed some light on this combo

Both are excelent carts with beryllium cantilever and micro ridge

stylus (?). However the AT 160 cantilever is gold plated probably for

dampening reasons. I own both but only the user manual for

the 155LC. The other should provide specs for the AT 160 so

we can compare them.

AT 155 LC:

Fr.resp.         : 5- 35 Khz;

Channel sep.: 32 dB;

Stylus            : linear ;

Cantilever      : beryllium;

VTF               : 1, 25 g

Weight           : 8,3 g

They both have the same 490mH generator and they both weigh 8.3g.

The 155 has a line contact and the ML is micro line.

Both - output 5mV.  DC 790. Impedance 3.2K.

Compliance is higher on the 155 - 16 @ 100Hz. Cu on your 160 stylus is 10 @ 100Hz.  That's the same as a 150MLX which is 18 @10Hz.

The gold on the cantilever is a very thin layer, vapor deposited.

Nice cart.

Dear @jsman: Main subject is that ML ( micro line. ) stylus shape in theory is a better design than LC.  AT used in its top Signet MM cartridges ML stylus shape and in the " lesser " ones LC.

MR stylus can pick up more groove i9nformation but for that the set up ust be optimal and in this regards the LC is more easy to set up.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Ok thanks guys, can you tell me the value of this cartridge?