AT 120/440mla, Denon, huge soundstage

Familiar with budget classic 95e...would the 120 be a quantum leap? If so, does it offer 80-90% of the 440? I'm also a soundstage, big bass guy and reports are Denon carts excel at this.
I found the AT 440ml to be a bit zingy in the treble and lacking in low end body. It does not lend to long term listening and is very annoying to me. I'm really not sure why there is so much hype over this cartridge. I bought one because of the hype and was extremely disappointed.

I actually prefer the Shure 97xe over it, which sounds more neutral. Although, the Denon DL110 is better than both and gives you more of what a good MC can give you.

There is a vendor in Canada that is still selling these at around $130.00, which makes it the cartridge to beat at this price point. At what others are asking, $240, or so, it is not so much a good deal and I would look at A Sumiko BPS instead.
They sell on eBay.....just search Denon dl110 and scroll down. There is also a vendor in Japan but I would go with the NA seller.

This is ebay ad. I have no relation to the seller but it appears that he has been on the up and up.
The 120 and 440 share the same body, the difference is the stylus. That difference is significant. The 440 is tapered aluminum/nude square shank ML, and the 120 is straight aluminum nude round shank .3 x .7 elliptical. Both have compliance of 18 where the 95 is 15.
It's important with AT's to have a total capacitance load (arm wires + cables + preamp) less than 200pF.

The 440 is bright IMO. I load it at 32K. The 120 isn't as aggressive and sounds good. Either one sounds excellent with a 150MLX stylus. I went from 32K back to 47K and with resolution the DL110 could never achieve. I had a DL160 and while it wasn't bad it wasn't great either. The stage seemed different (phasey?). While separation isn't spectacular instrument placement seemed exaggerated and odd, different from other MC's. I found it irritating - wound up giving it away.

Have you ever tried an aftermarket stylus with your 95?
I think you'd be surprised at performance with a shibata or vivid line from LP Gear or Turntable Needles. If you have a low mass arm (< 12g) I'd recommend an AT P-mount stylus 3472 series of the same types. Those are the styli with the tall sides which must be trimmed to fit. They track at 1.5g.
You're 95 is the same basic generator as the Clearaudio MM's, including Maestro. My advice is to get a shibata stylus for your 95 and if you want, a 120. Break it in and try the 150 stylus when you're ready.