Asymmetric Interconnect/Speaker Cable?

Bought Aleph 2 pair. Hardware on right side of room. Will run 2.5m equal interconnects with 2.5m + 7.5m unequel speaker cables, or vice versa. I know conventional wisdom suggests keeping the spkr lines short, but NORDOST insists that their cables work fine both longer AND unequal, and that I should keep the interconnects shorter and higher quality! They suggest 2.5m Red Dawn IC with 2.5 + 7.5m Blue Heaven SpkrCable. I'm I hear cheaper Flatline is just as good. I'm powering Verity Audio Encores (89dB, 4.5-9.5 ohms). Thanks!
Nordost is probably right on this matter. There design in cable probably won't make a difference in the unequal lenghts. There entry level cable might not sound as good as there high price spread. Find a dealer who will let you try before you buy. Good luck
It is best to avoid unequal lengths of wire in your system. I've even heard differences in the sound with uneven lengths of the internal hooked up wire between left and right channels. When I did mods on my integrated amp I replaced the internal wiring with Kimber wire of exact lengths for both channels and the difference in imaging was not subtle at all. It may not be noticable in every system, but uneven lengths should be avoide if at all possible
You know after a little thought turntablemind may have something there. Unequal spks and interconnects should be avoided if possible. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for the posts, guys. I've just bought an AlephP to run balanced to the Aleph2 monoblocks, so won't I be safe running enequal BALANCED interconnects, but using equal, shorter speaker cables? (Hate to have 5 extra meters of interconnect flopping around...!