Asylum Powercord. Has anyone tried this power cord

Has anyone tried this power cable: ASYLUM Powercord, sold by Take Five Audio or DIY Cable or any other company. According to Take Five Audio "The Asylum Powercord was designed by the late Bob Crump. This recipe has earned a reputation as a price/performance leader over the years. Our assembly uses the exact same parts as the original recipe. This cord is constructed from Belden 19364 terminated with Pass & Seymour 5266-X wall plug and Schurter 4300.0603 IEC. During assembly we treat the internal contacts of the 5266-X with DeoxIt Gold as well as the female IEC contacts. The cable is connected to the IEC using solder as per the original recipe. We use WBT solder for this connection."

I am considering using this on a source Denon 3930ci cd/dvd player.
Any other suggestions for a good reasonably priced power cable for this player.
You asked pretty much the same question a few weeks ago. I would suggest you use the search feature both here & at AA to read about powercords. There are even more sites to chose from but these 2 should keep you busy for awhile.
I have one I purchased from a guy making them to help finance an adoption.. I have to say they are OK. Making one yourself is just as good.. you can buy the parts a lot of places.
If the cost of the complete cord is only about 25%/ 30% over the cost of the parts, it's a good deal.
They're ok, nothing special in my system. I found Cryo-Parts ACIII to be a much better performing low cost DIY power cord alternative.
I like Deoxit products,but I wouldn't use it on any power cord connections.If you make your own,I would leave the Deoxit out since it may leave a residue.
I read on another thread that you did not want a bright PC. If you could DIY, buy some decent copper (not silver plated) cordage such as DH Labs, Supra, Neotech, or CryoMax, and terminate it with some solid copper ends.

You can pickup some inexpensive solid copper ends on EBay, or go for something more expensive like Furutechs. Avoid silver or nickle plated ends.

If you don't want to DIY, there are several vendors on this site that can make a similar cord.

Any of these will be better than the Asylum cable.
Hi Mooglie, Photon46, Elizabeth and others,

I thank you for you ideas.

Can you suggest a great pre-made (not a diy ) power cord I can purchase for my source Denon 3930ci player?
Can you suggest a great pre-made (not a diy ) power cord I can purchase for my source Denon 3930ci player? Buyfast1

Power cord performance will vary greatly in each person's stereo system. What's great for one person's equipment will be average to below for another. You may want to try the lending service through the Cable Company or use the "buy low used and maybe re-sell" method here.
Hubbell makes good product too.Link>>[]
Foster 9's so right. While the Cryo-Max worked amazingly well on my PS Audio Amp, it does nothing for my Aloia gear. Power Cords are very system & component dependent. On a tight budget, about the only thing to do is buy used cords that have high demand and turnover so you can resell them without much of a loss if they don't work out. I've used the Cable Company in the past and it's a great service if you want to pay retail. Not meanning to be negative, but when you're paying someone else's labor charges to terminate, you're not going to get a real substantive cable upgrade for $50. At this price point, I think I'd try Audio Advisor's Pangea power cords. They're probably assembled with Chinese labor as opposed to Take Five Audio's Canadian labor, so you do the math on that part of the equation. From reports I've read, the Pangeas succeed in improving many peoples systems. All you gamble is shipping costs if you don't like them.
I use Kaplan cables and highly recommend them.
No doubt, Kaplan cables are are great choice. However, the original post is asking about a cable priced at $50, not $479.00. As to other inexpensive choices that I've read good things about, two other options come to mind. Shunyata is having half price close outs on remaining Diamondbacks. Galen Carol Audio does mail order on this deal. The Taiwan based IeGo company has power cables at less than $100 that also have had good user reviews at the AudioCirlcle forum. They sell on Ebay now for just under $100 shipped from Taiwan.
Photon46, yeah I realize that, but he asked for a "great" cable, which can't be had for $50 in my experience. Your recommendations are good. He might also want to consider the small Soundstring cord or a Zu Birth.

Generally I tend to prefer solid un-plated copper ends over un-plated brass, or most platings. Un-plated brass does no real harm, but solid copper sounds cleaner. Gold tends to roll off the highs. Silver adds brightness and detail. Nickel is lively, but can add glare. Rhodium adds a little detail, and solidness to the bass. Rhodium can be ok in a few places.

These are generalizations of my experiences after rolling many plugs and IECs. Of course the wire type, geometry, shielding, etc., also affect the sound. This info might be of use when choosing a cord.
Since all cable is system dependent, you must audition the cable in YOUR system to see if meets your expectations. All cable sounds different in different systems.
Indeed, Hubbell makes some excellent products. Specifically, if you're looking for a 'bang for the buck' upgrade for your system, if you've typical residential grade outlets in your wall, replacing it with a HBL5362 (20amp) or HBL5262 (15amp) receptacle [as determined by your breaker rating] is a substantial, inexpensive upgrade, whether independently or in concert with power cord upgrades. They're available from for $14 and $12, respectively.
Regardless of what power cords you settle on, you'll find the outlet itself is a major contributor to sound quality. In my system I use the Jena cryoed version of the HBL5262 @$50. I also respect the TeslaPlex outlet @ $95, but frankly, its not my cuppa, although I can see where others might prefer its vivid presentation. As you're just starting out on you exploration of upgraded mains components, the standard Hubbells from stayonline are a great way to start, and it will give you a more accurate assessment of power cords.

I can say that the take five power cords work very well on rega and naim
They keep the pace and timing
Never heard of this power cord of the week.
I have one for sale on Audio Asylum for $20 shipped.
I built my own power cord using Belden 19364 and Wattgate iec and plug. In the one application where I am using it- a tubed headphone amp, this power cord had a noticeable effect in dropping background noise. I suppose that was the shielding at work.

my power cord cost about $50'for the materials, labor was on me

highly recommended 
I've been using two of these on my Hypex NC400 amps for the pat two years and hve no complaints. I often wonder if it would be better to try another, larger gauge power cord just to see if I can squeeze more bass slam out of the system but I won't know until I try it. 

In in the meantime the asylum cord doesn't do any harm the I've found. Heck of a bargain IMO for what you get.

i bought mine from Take5audio in Canada who sells the cord pre built supposedly in the original recipe form so no need to deal with building it yourself at these prices.