Assistance to place my Focal 1007 BE

Hi all, I have a narrow apartment, 4meters wide and about 8 meters long, but there is a stair well that goes down and also a small kitchen.

At one end is glass windows, covered by blinds

i have placed my speakers on their stands on one of the long walls (the wall that houses the stair well)

Can someone assist in telling me how far apart each speaker should be from rear wall, side wall and each other? Unforunately there isnt much room between the speakers and I when im on the couch (which is also hard against the rear wall)

The listening area would be about 6x4meters

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The front-ported speakers can be really close to the wall. OK within 10cm. The rear-ported should be away 35cm or further.
Hanging flannel curtain behind your speakers will greatly decrease wall reflection effect especially for the speakers that have no other room but to stay close to the wall.
Thanks, ive got them about 40cm from the wall and have a panel with accoustic insulation in them... They sound better after some experiementation last night
If possible , set the speakers the same distance apart as they are from you in your listening position . An equal lateral triangle , if you will . Then play with the toe-in
for best sound stage . Also put some sound absorption behind you . Keep the space between you and the speakers and the space between the speakers empty . If one or both of the speakers need to be close to a side wall or hard piece of furniture , put some absorption material there .
Put a mirror on that surface , behind the speaker face , and then go forward toward the front of the speaker . When you can see the face of the speaker in the mirror that will be the starting point for the absorption material . Go from there a foot or so further forward . You can use your absorption panel , a decorative blanket or tapestry or hang a heavy winter wool coat on a hook .
I've owned the JM Labs 1007's and did not get a lot of sound stage with them . On the other hand , I had the JM Labs 926's and received an enormous sound stage !

Good luck .
Thanks Saki, I will experiment with this.

I have my speakers apart as far as im from them - roughly. There is an audio cabinet etc/tv between the speakers though (cant avoid this) but i put a blanket over the TV

I have absorbtion panels behind each speaker and infront of each speaker on the other side, I might move these panels and fix them to the wall behind me.

I find the soundstage excellent on the 1007s thus far but they need a bit more fiddling :)

Thank you