Assistance Needed - Water Damage to Vinyl


Looking for some receommendations as to where to find used vinyl online.

Due to a broken pipe, I lost 185 records to water damage. To satisfy the insurance co., I need to provide replacement cost information for each item (and the reason I state used is most of these are not coming up new at the usual places).

Thanks in advance for any info that may be provided.
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Prices vary greatly on used records due to different rating systems.

My favorite is Academy Records in NYC... Then click on Ebay Store, then Category.
If you had any rare or kinda rare LPs, you could check on Popsike. They show how much each LP sold for and the date of sale. Great site!

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provide detailed information how to obtain a matching copy of the record you've lost.
Depending on what happened, the records themselves may not be damaged. If they just got wet and you were able to dry them off, there probably isn't any damage to them. The sleeves and packaging, of course, will probably be destroyed. I'm bringing this up because, if the records are rare and hard to replace, you may have a very difficult time replacing them. To make matters worse, the insurance company is really not going to want to give you that much for them. And if they do give you money for them, they keep the records. If you can only get a low offer for them, it may be better just to keep the records and salvage the vinyl. If you go that route, a good strategy would be to find used copies of the records you saved, but buy ones that are not in good condition and are selling cheap. Just get them for the packaging.