Assistance needed ???

Hello fellas, well my project is about done was thinking of going all out in the basement and setting it up to have inceiling speakers and a music distribution system but I changed my mind due to financial reasons and since I already invested over 20k in a home theater system in the first floor I decided that I could invest the money in other areas of my home remodeling project. The basement area will consist of a master bedroom with a small audio setup in it. I am thinking of the Denon S-302 since it has some great reviews but I am not to sure about a home theater in a box setup since I never have owned one. The other setup will by my home gym with TV setup, Threadmill, stairmaster, powerblock weights and other gym accessories. Was looking into the Phillips MCD 908/37 looks promising but again, I dont know much about mini systems. So I may go with a small tube audio setup, something musical for my gym area. Any good recommendations for an Integrated Tube Amp W/Remote and a good budget sounding monitor speakers???

Those 2 items that I mention sound good to me but the Denon at a $1,600 price tag is a bit pricey for a home theater in a box setup, Also, the Phillips. If anyone has them please let me know your opinions, pro's & con's.

Thanks ~!