Assembling Older & Newer Paradigm Studio Speakers?

I'm assembling a pre-owned Paradigm Studio speaker set-up because I'm on a very tight budget. I'm looking at:
Fronts - Studio 60 v2
Ctr Ch - Studio CC or Studio CC-470
Surround Studio ADP or Studio ADP-470
Sub - Sunfire HRS-12, possibly also Paradigm PW-2200
Rcvr - Denon AVR-1911 (I understand If I get the PW-2200 sub I'll need a 7.2 receiver)
Two questions:
1. If I don't find all of the different Paradigm pre-owned speakers, what's the impact/net result if I bought current-day versions of the ctr and surrounds, like Studio CC-590 and ADP-590? Or could I use equivalents from the Monitor line?
2. Anything wrong with my choices? The Denon and Sunfire are already purchased.
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide a meaningful response.
Hi Pin,

There are surely more knowledgeable people here than i, but since no one has posted, i would say the main thing is to be mindful of the impedance and sensitivity characteristics of the different speakers, else you end up with one amp driving different speakers with various sensivitities...resulting in different volumes.

I would have otherwise thought the Monitor line is excellent, and you'll get great prices second-hand.

Denon and Sunfire both good brands with solid reputations for music, reliability and value. good luck.
The timbre of the sound is what should match.Different versions have different timbres.For seamless matching stay with same product line and same version.