Assembling My Analog System..... Comments/Ideas??

Hello All!
I am currently doing my best to assemble an analog input to my system. I have purchased a SOTA Star Sapphire/SME V tonearm/Ortofon MC A90 cartridge and a Tom Evans The Groove Plus Phonostage. I am wondering if anyone has heard anything similar to this combo. My current front end (of which I have enjoyed for quite some time now) consists of items I could use for a variety of listening including analog, digital, home theater and PC inputs. The basics are as follows:

B&W 801 Matrix Series III w/North Creek Crossovers
B&W 801 Matrix HTM Center Channel
Velodyne DD-15 Subwoofer
California Audio Labs 2500MCA Amplifier
California Audio Labs 2500SSP Processor
Cary Audio CD 306
Monster Cable HTS5100 Signature
Oppo BDP-83SE w/Wright Mods
DVDO iScan VP-50 Pro Grado PS1000 Headphones
Grace Design m902 Headphone Amp
Samsung HL-S5088W DLP TV

Any ideas or suggestions you may have would be more than welcome!!

Kindest Regards,

Paul Hruza
Only half facetious, I'd recommend getting a phono cord. And given your outlay so far, I'd recommend a decent one to make sure you are getting what you need out of the components, because that sounds like a super-serious analog setup.

I would recommend a record-cleaning machine as well.
Although I'm not a fan of your speakers, I would definitely question the CAL stuff and the Monster Cable, although your Oppo probably sounds better than the Cal.
A HT preamp will be used? The phono pre goes into the CAL processor? Am I missing something?

If so, I would consider that a limiting link with an analog system that good.

Why the SME arm?