Assemblage SET-300

'THE PARTS CONNECTION' have summer sale offering ASSEMBLAGE SET-300 KIT for $659. reg. $1099. Like to hear from anyone that has this amp or has heard it.
Hi Otto: If you go to and search under the SET forum, you should be able to find quite a bit of info on this unit. Not trying to brush you off, this is just where I find a lot of hits on tube gear especially kits and DIY stuff.
Thanks for the info found what i was looking for.
Godd luck Otto. The only other inexpensive 300B kit that I am aware of (that just got a rave at AA) is from a Hong Kong manufacturer. I will post the link here, when I find it again. I think that it was new in the past week in AA's SET forum.
Otto: Here is the manufacturer's link for the 300B kit. They also sell a new 300B tube, that I am not familiar with, but would like to try (I am big on specially selected late production Svetlana 300B's myself). The amp name should give you hits at AA.