Assemblage 2.7

Anyone try this DAC?
I have had the pleasure.It is worth every penny.
I agree, it's fantastic. I have the Platinum and am wondering how much better the 3.1 could possibly sound. Still burning in - I have about 5 days on it.

-- Greg
I have the 2.6, which is very similar except the 2.7 now has a PMD200 chip, which accepts both 24/96 and HDCD. The 2.7 also has an available platinum version. My 2.6 has the op amp and burr brown filter upgrades, and has improved my system dramatically. I am currently waiting on a D2D-1 for jitter reduction and upsampling. TPC support is great also. Would like to hear about anyone who has directly compared the 2.6/2.7 with or w/o D2D-1, vs. MSB III (whatever version).