ASR w/MBL 101E or Sound Lab A1-PX

thinking of trying something different and wondered if there is any experience with the ASR Emitter II Exclusive(gold board) with the above mentioned speakers? I have a medium sized room(16x40x1114' peaks) that opens to the rest of the house in the back. I usually listen around 85db or so but like to jam sometimes. Would the ASR have enough juice? I think it would be fine with the A1's but am uncertain about the 101's.
thanks for any comments
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The MBLs love power,thus their designed amps (high watts).This issue has been discussed in many reviews and holds true from my experience setting them up at a dealers' showroom.
For some time I owned an ASR Emitter II Exclusive with Soundlab A1s. A good friend who heard the system - fed by an Audio Research CD7 or a Nagra CDP - liked it a lot and later bough both pieces from me when I had to change the speakers. He loves ancient music, specially Renaissance polyphony, and considered that this system was the most life like he could have in a domestic system.
I do not have experience with the new MBL 101s, but the old 101b sounded thin with the ASR Emitter II Exclusive. The problem with the MBLs is not only power, it is that they need a special type of power ...
BTW, I now have the new A1 Px's.
thanks. Exactly what I was looking for ;)