ASR Emitter II vs. Symphonic Line Kraft 300

I own ASR Emitter II exclusive with battery PSU. Now the new Symphonic Line Kraft 300 has reached my awareness and upgrade virus is on again. Is there someone who has heard both these amps and could give me an idea how these two compare with each other?
I can only tell you the kraft is one exceptional amp--I am thrilled with mine. good luck with your choice.
Ras422. Thank you for your answer. Do you have a stereo version? Does it have enough power/current capacity to drive relatively low impedance speakers with two 12" woofers in fairly large room?

KRAFT 300 stereo amp: 1.400 VA, 300.000 µF Capacity,
my ASR EMITTER II exclusive: 2.800 VA, 1,316,000µF Capacity
Just looked up your amp as I was not familar with it --certainly looks like a great amp--don't get too caught up in the va and cap--the kraft amps are pure class A and are stable to 1ohm and probable below that --I have 4ohm stats and I have a stereo buddy whos also has a kraft 300 and uses it with his 1ohm apogees--I have the stereo amp as I could not afford the monoblks--the stereo is a true dual mono with sep pwr cords and pwr suppplies .
Ras422. Thanks again for you comment. Is your Kraft 300 the version with XLR input module which converts signal to asymmetrical mode and changes input impedance? That is the way my ASR Emitter works if I use XLR inputs. It is not truely balanced design but it makes possible to use cd-players balanced outputs.
kraft is rca only imput as signal from rg3mk3 pre amp is rca to to active xover --all rca